USL NJ 60+ Division

When: All games to be played midweek (Thursdays) kick-off at 7:00 and 8:30 at Mt Olive for the West and 9:00 - 10:30 PM for the East. 
How: Seven on seven plus the goalie on half-court fields with small goals .

A double card will be applied so that if already playing for a team in our league, you can play for both, the 60+ team during mid-week and your primary team on Sunday mornings.

Teams: Each team needs a minimum of 14 players and cannot have more than 20 players on their team roster. 
Teams that have less than 15 players interested can send the registration information (full name, date of birth, current team affiliation, e-mail address, and cell phone number) and we will find a team for you that fits your geographic profile.

Registration: All players need to be registered with the USL NJ and be assigned to a specific 60+ team.All field players have to turn at least 60 years of age in the year of competition, except up to 3 players per team of age 58 or 59, and the goalkeeper can be five years younger. 
Registration requirements are the same as for existing teams.  Specifically, you have to submit a fully completed and signed registration form, two passport pictures, a copy of your driver’s license or passport, a signed insurance waiver, a signed Covid waiver (three-page document), as well as the registration fee of $20 made payable to the Registrar, Dieter Lachmann.

Further information: We formed a “60+ Committee” that will coordinate all efforts and will answer all questions regarding the new division. The members of the committee are Armenio Marta, our new Vice President, who can be reached at, or at 973-445-0150;  Dave Jones, who is still one of our acting Insurance Directors, who can be reached at, or at 908-507-9741; Dieter Lachmann, our Registrar, who can be reached at, or at 973-865-8967; and Emilio Crespo, our new President, who can be reached at, or at 201-394-4471.
You can find the full details pertaining to this new division on our "Forms and Rules" on our website. 

Jan15, 2022

Congratulations to the 2021 Division winners

Due to Covid, our  trophy's award ceremony is pending. We'll have more information soon. 

Premier Division – SPORTFRIENDS FC


3RD Division – LATINOS USA



Masters 3 – RIDGEWOOD KGV 

Congratulations to the 2021 Carlos Gabrielli Golden Boot Winners

Premier Division – Pablo Granados -  SUMMIT CITY FC

2ND Division – Irfran Omer – JERSEY UNITED SC

3RD Division – Brayan Tortos - LINIERS ATHLETIC CLUB

Masters 1 –  Leo Francis  & Volker Kopp - MILLBURN ATHLETIC

Masters 2 – Jose Romaniello  - MLFC WOLVES

Masters 3 – Carlos Araujo Gomez - LAKERS FC  


Are you  and or your team looking  to play soccer in an organized, competitive outdoor  league - We have many teams in the over 40 and over 50 divisions that are currently looking for additional players and the league can accept a couple of more teams.  We have 60 teams in  six different divisions so we can accommodate just about any level of play.  We play all over  North Jersey (Bergen, Essex, Morris, Sussex, Passaic, and Union counties) and Rockland NY area.  Games are played Spring and Fall on Sunday mornings.  If interested please :

1. Navigate to the Tab called Teams

2. There are divisions for over 40, over 50 and soon starting over 60 - Premier is the most competitive division

3. Choose a team that is nearby - not every team has their town in their name so if you choose a team and click on Stadium you can see where they play their home games

4. Once you find a team or two that is close to where you live or perhaps a team associated with a country that you would prefer to play on - click on the managers tab and get their contact information and ping them - Suggestion - choose more than one team to contact.

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