Div 60 starts Sep 20-21
at Sportsfriends' Oval grass field
Kick-off at 8 pm
Enjoy our game

Congratulations to the 2022 Division Champions

Premier Division – SportFriends SC

2nd  Division – LSO Raiders

3rd Division – Wayne Soccer Club

Masters 1 – Millburn Athletic

Masters 2 – Ridgewood KGV

Masters 3 – Hackensack HFC 1912

Over 60 – Ramapo United Seniors O60


Congratulations to the 2002 Carlos Gabrielli Golden Boot winners

Premier Division – Pablo Granados - SUMMIT CITY FC


3rd Division – BRAYAN TORTOS - Liniers Athletic Club

Masters 1 – Volker Kopp - Millburn Athletic

Masters 2 – Jose Romaniello -  MLFC WOLVES

Masters 3 – Sharof Mashrabi - Montville Mavericks

           Paul Fisher - CHATHAM PHOENIX

           MANOEL DE MARIA RAMOS - Hackensack HFC 1912

Over 60 – ARMENIO MARTA - Traquinas Diplomats 060

Are you and or your team looking to play soccer in an organized, competitive outdoor  league ? 

We have over 60 teams in our League on over 40, 50 and 60 divisions that are currently looking for additional players and new teams. We play mostly in the Bergen, Essex, Morris, Sussex, Passaic, and Union counties, as well as in the Rockland NY area.  Games are played during the Spring and Fall on Sunday mornings.  If interested:

1. Navigate to the Tab called Teams

2. There are divisions for over 40, over 50 and over 60 - Premier is the most competitive division

3. Choose a team that is nearby - not every team has their town in their name so if you choose a team and click on Stadium you can see where they play their home games

4. Once you find a team or two that is close to where you live or perhaps a team associated with a country that you would prefer to play on - click on the managers tab and get their contact information and ping them. 
Suggestion - choose more than one team to contact 

For new teams wanting to join our league  please contact our registrar:

Dieter Lachmann at: registraruslnj@gmail.com

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